Real, Accessible & Not Too Corporate

The reasons that inspired the creation of UP in 1995 are the same reasons that are driving us today. Both Chris & I have worked in large real estate operations and have seen that bigger is not necessarily better for the homeowner. Every vendor’s situation is different and every property is different. We believe the only way to consistently provide exceptional service is to focus on a limited number of customers at any one time.

Our company is founded on honesty, trust and teamwork. You can expect our people to listen carefully before they create an approach to selling that’s built around your preferences. It's about developing a high-quality bespoke solution that leaves nothing to chance.

As agents, we are committed to being part of a great company not necessarily a big one. Market share is not part of our company's first priority. I'd like to think our top priority mirror images yours – to get the best possible price for your home in a way that feels right for you.

I have successfully sold homes in One Tree Hill, Onehunga, Royal Oak, Greenlane, Ellerslie, Epsom and surrounding suburbs for many years and have consistently been a top performer in Real Estate, with a background of 17 years in Sales and Marketing.


I look forward to congratulating you on a great sale!









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